Tammy Brodie, D.V.M. – “Dr. Tammy”

Dr. Tammy knew she wanted to be a veterinarian most of her life. She grew up on an island with a dog and kept a horse on the mainland. She began her veterinary medical career as a kennel assistant followed by a veterinary assistant. This experience just fanned her desire to understand medicine more so she graduated from Michigan State University in 1988 as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. After working at several veterinary hospitals gaining valuable experience, Dr Tammy decided to purchase Orchard View Veterinary Clinic in 1995 with the goal of providing the best possible care for pets and their families. When she is not at the clinic, Dr. Tammy enjoys spending time with her family and friends (2 legged and 4), and flying her airplane whenever she can.

Teresa Mogdis, LVT

Teresa has been working in the veterinary field since 1986. In 2016 Teresa earned the title of licensed Veterinary technician. Her favorite part of her job at Orchard View Veterinary Clinic is kittens and puppies. Teresa is very knowledgeable about animal behavior and she enjoys being able to help clients understand why their pets do what they do. Teresa also teaches our Puppy Preschool classes here at the clinic. She has been active in our local 4H youth program for many years. She and her husband Pastor Louie are very active in Seeds Family Church. She enjoys gardening, laying in the sun and spending time with her daughter Jara. Teresa and her family share the house with their dogs Tater Tot, and Professor Porter, a Grand Cat named Nadia, and Several Grand Chillas (chinchillas).

Kristin Krum, LVT

Kristin has been working at Orchard View since December 2016 as a Veterinary Technician. She loves being able to work close to home. Her favorite part of working at Orchard View is running lab tests and blood work on your pets. She has a Pit Bull named Athena that she loves to be able to come home to. In her spare time Kristin enjoys playing Pokémon Go, reading, and watching movies on tv with her dog. She graduated from Baker College of Muskegon in 2015 as a Licensed Veterinary assistant.

Emily Gibson, Veterinary Assistant

Emily Has been working at Orchard View for just over 2 years as a Vet assistant. She graduated from High School in 2016, and is currently studying at Montcalm Community College to become a licensed Veterinary Technician. Her goal is to eventually become a veterinarian. At home she cares for her 4 cats Roo, Mia, Bear, Mr. Babbles, and the family dog, Peanut. In her spare time she likes watching Netflix, reading, playing with her cats, and taking walks on the Flat River Trail. Here at the clinic, she is known for being the professional pet hugger. Her favorite part of coming to work is helping the techs prepare the pets for vaccinations and blood draws by getting their vitals. She also enjoys playing with new puppies when they come to the clinic for the first time.

Rachel Cortes, Receptionist/Assistant

Rachel Started working at Orchard View in April of 2017 as a receptionist. Since she started here she has learned a lot about how to help take care of her pets as well as others. She has two cats at home Peaches (who is 17 with stage two kidney failure) and Monty ( Who is 12 years old). Growing up she has had a dog and a wide array of cats that she helped to take care of. She also wanted to be a veterinarian growing up. In her spare time she enjoys to read books, watch Netflix, and help her mom. She went to Portland High School and when she graduated she decided to go to Lansing community college to study American sign language, she also went to Dorsey School to learn how to be a medical assistant for people. She was offered the job at Orchard View and jumped at the opportunity to learn and work with animals. She is excited to see where her new job takes her in life.

Andrea Kash, Receptionist

Andrea started working at Orchard View in April of 2017 as a receptionist. She really enjoys being able to connect with clients and help them understand the process of owning a pet better. Growing up there were always cat’s around her house, until her parents got her her first dog Niki. Currently She has two cats (Nova, and Oliver) and her dog Roofus. In her spare time she enjoys reading, spending time with her family, playing pokemon go and other video games with her kids. Growing up she wanted to be a teacher. She went to Greenville high school, and montcalm community college. She has always loved pets and thoroughly enjoys her job at orchard view, her favorite part is when new puppies and kittens come in.

Maegan Chinevere, Receptionist

Maegan started working as a receptionist at Orchard View in October of 2017. She was home schooled, and helped take care of the family horses. She currently has 4 horse Red, Spud, Polo, and Chris. Growing up she wanted to be a Barrel Racer and is still hoping to make it to the national level someday. Her favorite part of her job is meeting all the animals that come into the clinic, and learning about different aspects of their health. In her spare time She enjoys barrel racing and training horses. Maegan was also a member of a local area 4-H program for 17 years and work with many animals, to include rabbits, pigs, guinea pigs, and much more.